Miltenberg: “Yale Holds Hearings in Case of Student Cleared of Rape,” The New York Times


Yale University is holding hearings of its University Wide Committee on Sexual Assault in the case of Saifullah Khan, who was found not guilty in March of sexually assaulting a fellow student on Halloween night 2015. … “Universities like Yale are free to apply any standard within reason,” said Geoffrey Stone, a law professor at the University of Chicago Law School. “Also, the fact that someone is acquitted of a criminal offense does not mean they can’t be held responsible in another context.” But Andrew T. Miltenberg, an attorney with Nesenoff & Miltenberg LLP in New York City who has represented many students accused of sexual assault, said the low legal standards and the lack of safeguards of these committees make it nearly impossible for anyone to get a fair and reasonable hearing. Mr. Miltenberg is not representing Mr. Khan. “I think we would all like to believe that he could and will get an unbiased and uncompromised hearing by Yale, but I think it is virtually impossible,” he said.

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