High School Students

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: you send your child off to high school or away to an elite prep school and someone comes forward with an accusation. You are rightly worried that this could derail your child’s education and future.

“No one will take better care of your child than we will.”

As parents as well as lawyers, we understand, and we’ve made it our duty to help you protect your child’s rights and future. No one will take better care of your child than we will. Andrew Miltenberg and his team of accomplished Title IX attorneys will ensure that your child receives due process and is afforded the rights they are entitled to.

When Should I Hire a Lawyer?

If a sexual misconduct complaint is filed against your child in high school, it will be investigated by a Title IX coordinator, an investigator, or an employee who’s responsible for Title IX compliance. The burden of proof is lower than in a court, and you effectively must prove your innocence, so it’s crucial your child is protected as soon as possible.

Legal representation will ensure your child:

  • Receives due process and fundamental fairness
  • Is provided the right to examine documents and submit questions
  • Has a right to appeal
  • Has a full and fair opportunity to be heard

And if the school shows any bias or fails to follow established Title IX procedures, we can file a Title IX lawsuit against the school.

Any adverse finding may include suspension, expulsion, or a notation on your child’s transcript, all of which can make getting into college nearly impossible. We will work proactively to prevent any penalties and remove any negative entries on a transcript, and if necessary orchestrate an orderly transition out of the program.

We’re here to protect your child’s rights and future.

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“Title IX in High School: What Parents Should Know”

– Andrew Miltenberg

What We Do for You

We are committed to advocating for accused faculty and students’ rights: due process under the law is a right, not a privilege. We believe that the serious nature of the accusations and the life-altering adverse consequences of being found responsible make this a critically important fight. We do more than refute allegations, we set the stage for a lawsuit by carefully creating a record of errors and biases during the on-campus evaluation process.

We have represented students across the country, and we will help you. Call us at 212-736-4500 or contact us today.

Your next steps:

  • DO call for a free consultation.
  • DO NOT speak with anyone about your child’s case.
  • DO take time to learn the school’s process and code of conduct.
  • DO NOT go on social media to discuss your child’s case.
  • DO consider the psychological impact on your child and take appropriate steps to ensure they remain calm.

FAQs: More to Know