Marybeth Sydor. Higher Education Title IX Consultant representing students and faculty as an advisor and advocate for due process in Title IX proceedings.

Marybeth Sydor

Title IX Consultant

Campus Misconduct Due Process & Title IX
New York, NY

Marybeth focuses her work on Higher Education Title IX and related disciplinary matters.

Marybeth works with new clients to evaluate allegations of misconduct and provide guidance to determine the best course of action. She regularly develops individualized strategies for students to counter alleged violations in the context of a clear understanding of each college’s specific procedures. She also acts as an advisor during conduct disciplinary proceedings including interviews, investigations, adjudications and appeals.

Marybeth has been responsible for the case management of more than 50 college and university disciplinary matters involving Title IX. She is an integral part of the firm’s litigation team in drafting of demands, motions, petitions and complaints regarding Title IX and student disciplinary and civil rights litigation. Some of these cases have generated significant attention from major news media, including The New York Times, USA Today, NBC, and Fox News with Megyn Kelly, The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, and National Public Radio.

As a former college administrator, and perhaps even more significantly, as a mother of two, Marybeth brings a practical perspective to new clients and their families. A professional writer and researcher, Marybeth was international internship and publications specialist for selected scholars at an elite liberal arts college prior to joining Nesenoff & Miltenberg, LLP. As director of partner relations for an international volunteer foundation, she advised hundreds of college students on higher education programs abroad. Marybeth is dedicated to advocating for young adults, championing their rights to due process.

Fordham University Gabelli School of Business, M.B.A., cum laude

Marist College, B.A., cum laude