If you have been the subject of false information or gossip, the damage done to your reputation and future can be acute. You might think there’s nothing you can do about it. However, there are laws that can protect you in situations like this. That’s why it’s best to be sure that you clearly understand your rights and how you can safeguard your future.

An umbrella term for libel (written) and slander (spoken), defamation is false information, and it can cause significant harm. Defamation law protects us from that potential damage, giving us a chance to defend our reputations from false rumors and out-and-out lies.

“No one will protect your name and your reputation better than we will.”

When Should I Hire a Lawyer?

A lawyer who is experienced dealing with defamation cases can help you right away. In fact, the sooner you speak with one, the better your chances of getting the right support before you miss your window. Most states have a very short statute of limitation from the date of communication.

A defamation attorney will help to:

  • Find favorable information that will help your case
  • Issue a take-down letter, or a cease-and-desist order
  • Go to a web platform and ask for offensive postings to be removed
  • Initiate a lawsuit against the person who as defamed you

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Warshow: “An Education On Defamation

– Above the Law


Sh**ty Media Men List

At Issue:

At the height of the #MeToo movement, Brooklyn-based writer Moira Donegan created a Google spreadsheet of “Sh**ty Media Men”, which included names and allegations of sexual misconduct against a whole host of men. New Orleans-based journalist Stephen Elliott was among them. He has held that the accusations of rape, sexual harassment and coercion were false and unsubstantiated. Elliot filed suit against her and 30 unnamed co-defendants. Donegan’s attorney sought immunity based on a law protecting social media users who host or republish information.


Andrew Miltenberg and his team were able to successfully argue against this immunity. The judge in the case agreed there was not enough evidence to block the suit. “Allowing this lawsuit to move forward is critical for due process”, said Miltenberg.

– As covered in The Daily Mail

What We Do for You

At Nesenoff & Miltenberg, we have the knowledge and resources to build the best case for you. Our defamation law experience includes successful resolution of libel and slander claims in courts throughout New York and New Jersey. Our defamation clients have included business executives, religious leaders, and individuals in cases involving worldwide media companies, major publications, and prominent websites.

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Your next steps:

  • DO call for a free consultation as soon as possible.
  • DO NOT speak to your accuser about your case.
  • DO NOT speak with anyone about your case.
  • DO NOT go on social media to discuss your case.
  • DO consider the psychological impact and take appropriate steps to ensure you remain calm.