Business Litigation & Partnerships


Our firm is built on a strong foundation of success in litigation. We are experienced litigators and practiced trial lawyers: entirely prepared and unafraid to take cases to the courtroom when the situation merits it, but with strong instincts and abilities in arbitration, mediation, and private negotiations.

Our Manhattan lawyers have extensive knowledge of the entire litigation process, deep trial and appellate experience in state and federal courts, and considerable background in government agency proceedings.

We focus not on a high volume of cases, but rather on results for each and every client. Our team is selective in the cases we accept to ensure that we are able to work closely with our clients to understand their businesses: we live in the trenches with our clients — not on the fringes. We pride ourselves on high responsiveness, our hands-on approach, legal and business acumen, and commitment to delivering high quality representation at cost-effective rates.

Our clients are engaged in a variety of business sectors in New York, New Jersey and states across the country — from real estate to retail to entertainment to financial services. Representative clients include:

  • Established privately held businesses
  • Real estate entities
  • Investor groups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business executives and partners
  • High-profile private individuals
  • Early-stage businesses
  • Publicly traded companies

Corporate and Partnership Disputes

We have been helping clients navigate and resolve difficult business and partnership disputes for nearly 25 years. Our experience includes the following:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Shareholder freeze-outs
  • Interest termination
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraudulent conveyance
  • Successor liability
  • Securities fraud
  • Restrictive covenant conflicts
  • Debtor-creditor violations
  • Shareholder derivative actions
  • Trademark and other intellectual property disputes

Defamation, Libel and Slander 

Our attorneys have particular experience handling “reputation management” cases: those involving defamation, libel, or slander. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants, depending on the circumstances involved. Clients have included businesses, individual executives, nonprofit organizations, and a number of prominent public figures.

Our team appreciates the value not only of reputations, but also of the challenges involved in high profile cases. We work diligently to protect our clients’ privacy and related interests, and are committed to providing both informed counsel and strong advocacy.

Real Estate-related Disputes 

In addition to our substantial practice in real estate transactions, we also help clients to resolve real estate disputes. Clients include including construction companies, engineers, developers, owners, operators, and condominium and co-operative boards. We have in-depth experience in the following areas:

  • Construction claims, including defect, delay, and payment matters
  • Development disputes
  • Foreclosures
  • Brokerage disputes
  • Condominium and co-operative conflicts
  • Landlord-tenant matters

Landlord-tenant Conflicts

We combine strategic counseling, strong advocacy, and practical experience in our work representing clients in commercial and residential landlord-tenant disputes. Clients include management companies, managing agents, developers, and owners. Our practice covers New York City and surrounding areas, and includes:

  • Prosecution of non-payment
  • Prosecution of holdover proceedings
  • Commercial evictions
  • Material lease default obligations
  • Illegal sublet and non-primary resident claims
  • Rent Stabilization Code disputes

Condominium and Co-operative Conflicts 

Litigation between neighbors over co-op corporations and condominiums can be explosive, emotional, and complex. Our attorneys understand what is at stake in condo and co-op disputes, and are skilled advocates and communicators in resolving highly charged conflicts.

We have represented co-operative and condominium sponsors, condominium owner corporations, co-operative tenant associations, and individual tenants in connection with a range of issues, including disputes between board members, state agency proceedings, and unauthorized construction and other tenant violations.

Intellectual Property Disputes

We help businesses to enforce trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and defend clients accused of violating intellectual property rights. We understand the complexities inherent to intellectual property disputes, and use this understanding to not only resolve existing disputes but also to advise on techniques to mitigate the risk of future intellectual property litigation. Our experience includes:

  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Copyright enforcement
  • Trademark and copyright licensing
  • Trademark enforcement and anti-counterfeiting