Title IX & Conduct Violations

We are nationally recognized as the leading law firm for representation of college, university, and private school students and faculty facing allegations of misconduct. In fact, we are widely considered one of the pioneers in campus disciplinary defense.

Many of our cases are high profile and influential in setting precedent. Our firm’s groundbreaking legal strategy also enables the accused to file suit immediately against their institutions for any violation of due process rights and reputational damage, whatever the outcome of an on-campus proceeding.

We have pursued more than four times as many of these lawsuits on behalf of our clients as any other firm. No one lays the foundation for pursuing justice and managing the full impact of an on-campus allegation on your life as thoroughly or effectively as we do.

“No one will protect your rights and your future better than we will.”

Andrew Miltenberg, called “a fierce litigator” by The New York Times, and “the go-to attorney for students accused of sexual assault” by Newsweek, leads our team of former prosecutors and battle-tested attorneys. Together, we have successfully defended more than 1,000 students and faculty members who were facing suspension or expulsion from private schools, colleges, and universities in virtually every state in the country.

We’re here to protect your rights and your future

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We believe—unconditionally—that sexual assault is unacceptable under any circumstance. We also believe that accused students and faculty must be afforded their civil rights and due process under the law and that many schools are falling short of this standard.

Facing a Title IX allegation requires that your defense is handled by an expert who is an authority on the ever-changing federal regulations and evolving case law that may impact your case.

Since 2012, Andrew Miltenberg has been a pioneer in this specialized practice and, with his team, has litigated more Title IX legal actions than any law firm in the country.

A Title IX Complaint has been Filed Against Me… Now What?

– Andrew Miltenberg

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Accused in a Title IX or Misconduct Case?

Call us at 212-736-4500 or email us for a consultation and you can expect to hear from Andrew Miltenberg within two hours.