Miltenberg: “Is there a way to prevent sexual misconduct in the workplace?” The FOX News Rundown


Andrew Miltenberg: In the last year and a half there’s been a continued uptick in the amount of calls we receive and it started out that we were receiving a lot of calls from men in college and their parents. Over the last several months there’s been an increase in business professionals that now have been calling. We’re right at that point where regardless of whether the allegations are true and regardless of whether they’ve been investigated or not, the allegation itself is becoming a means to an end. Many times that end is to punish whomever it is that’s the target of the allegations. And mind you none of this takes away from the real severity of sexual assault and sexual harassment and the fact that it takes a tremendous amount of courage for a woman to come forward. … Right now the mere allegation itself is enough to devastate someone’s career and future.

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