Miltenberg: “Title IX Suits Mean Growth to Practices Representing Accused Students,” New York Law Journal


In just over two years, Andrew Miltenberg’s Title IX and due process practice has gone from a few isolated cases to a practice that provides roughly a third of his firm’s annual revenue, by his estimation. Miltenberg said his team—consisting of himself, three other lawyers and a Title IX consultant—has represented students at more than 50 colleges and universities all over the country. Their clients have faced potential sanctions at the university level for alleged sexual misconduct, or argued that they were unfairly disciplined for such an incident. … “I don’t understand why it’s being seen as a zero-sum game where you’re for or against rape or for or against victim’s rights,” Miltenberg said. “Hopefully, what comes out of the growth in this area is that you can have on campus a process that diligently investigates and handles allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct.”

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