Miltenberg: “Title IX Expert Miltenberg Weighs In on Legal Issues Surrounding Uber’s Data on Sexual Assault,” AP News


In a recent Washington Post article, prominent Title IX attorney Andrew Miltenberg, a partner with Nesenoff & Miltenberg, LLP, weighed in on the legal and moral obligation that companies like Uber have in reporting allegations of sexual assault, similar to that of institutions of higher education. Miltenberg tells the Washington Post: “It’s not unlike what happens at the college level,” said Andrew Miltenberg, a Title IX lawyer at Nesenoff & Miltenberg who has represented students accused of sexual assault. “They both gather information, they both are willing to provide services, they both have a mechanism by which to make some determination to speak to witnesses, and yet they have ultimately no real authority to turn in someone or make a local complaint with law enforcement.” Miltenberg, the Title IX lawyer, said Uber has put itself in a “moral quagmire” by serving as a witness to potential crimes that it has no obligation to share with anyone else in real time. The problem could only become more prominent as Uber takes increasing measures, such as piloting audio recording for safety, that could capture evidence of potential crimes on a massive scale.

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