Miltenberg: “Theta Delta Chi Fraternity Named in Amended Union College Lawsuit,” The Daily Gazette


The Theta Delta Chi fraternity at Union College has been named in an updated lawsuit alleging the college mishandled the 2017 rape complaint of a first-year female student. … The suit alleges the fraternity has a “long-standing reputation” of spiking the drinks of female party-goers with drugs in an effort to take advantage of them. The complaint argues Union College officials have fostered a social scene dominated by fraternities and with “little to no effort to regulate or oversee” fraternity parties. “The college has permitted and condoned its all-male fraternities, including and especially TD Chi, to foster a social environment rampant with sexual violence and harassment towards women,” the suit alleges. … “These women’s complaints fell on deaf ears, with the college sometimes even telling the complainants that it refused to look into their assaults at all,” the updated complaint alleged. “The college’s policy with respect to the handling of sexual assault cases is to keep it quiet and internal – leading often time to the further victimization of its female students.” In the week after the initial suit was filed, the plaintiff’s attorney, New York City-based Andrew Miltenberg, said he had heard from other women who recounted similar stories of college officials mishandling their cases. Miltenberg at the time said it was possible those experiences could result in future lawsuits. “It suggests to me there is a real problem at Union,” Miltenberg said last month. “It’s unfortunate that it takes starting a lawsuit that brings out all of this ugliness.”

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