Miltenberg: “Lawyer For Man Accused Of Sexual Assault Criticizes Cornell’s Title IX Investigation,” WSKG News


The process in some very subtle ways that you’d have to watch unfold to truly understand, is geared toward the accuser,” said Andrew Miltenberg, the attorney for the young man in the most recent case. What concerns him the most is that the Title IX investigator chooses which information goes to the committee that makes the final decision. That decision cannot be appealed. Miltenberg has represented over 100 other men in cases like this at universities nationwide. Even though he represents the accused young man, Miltenberg still wants a young woman making an accusation to feel protected throughout the process. “You can have that and still have a process in place that the accused has a full and fair opportunity to defend themselves and protect their rights,” said Miltenberg. “I think that Cornell can do a much better job of reaching this middle ground and I think that the Cornell process falls into this category of, you know, we can only protect one group of people throughout this process.

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