Miltenberg: “Lawsuits: Michigan State is biased against males in sex assault cases,” Detroit Free Press


More than three years of missteps in handling sexual assault cases has made Michigan State University swing the pendulum from not believing victims to now discriminating against male students, three lawsuits allege. The suits — which include one by a former MSU football player — allege the male students involved were found “guilty” by the administrative investigative system simply because they were male. … “All three cases have a common thread,” said attorney Andrew Miltenberg, who represents the men suing the university in all three cases. “In essence, the university has made a gross overreaction to (the Larry Nassar) debacle.” … “It was, in part, because of the pressure being exerted by OCR and because of the bad publicity surrounding the University, that the University sided with (the female student) over (the male student) in what amounted to a simple he said she said credibility contest,” the Dec. 20 lawsuit said. “Plainly, the University simply did not want another situation in which it could be perceived as ignoring the complaints of women on campus.”

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