Miltenberg: “Law office opens in Boston exclusively defending students wrongly accused of sexual assault,” The College Fix


According to Miltenberg, what was supposed to be a well-intended policy has become a nightmare of due process violations for innocent male students. … Miltenberg is considered one of the country’s leading legal experts in the field of Title IX campus due process law, and his firm is currently working on several groundbreaking cases representing students across the nation. Miltenberg has represented more than 100 students at higher education institutions in 30 states, according to a news release announcing the new law firm’s opening. “A lot of young men and their families come to me with a sense of total despair,” Miltenberg told The Fix, noting that often the allegations against them are sometimes totally false, or they feel the university is bearing down on them and they don’t have a chance to explain the full context of what occurred. “I just want to help them turn around what many have described as an almost Orwellian type of experience,” he said. “There’s a number of institutions I’ve dealt with multiple times, and I’d humbly like to think I’ve helped to change their policies.”

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