Miltenberg: “Kudos and Caution, Solving One Problem, Creating Another,” New Jersey 101.5


Andrew Miltenberg: Right now it’s virtually what I think we would’ve lived through had we been alive during the McCarthy era. The mere allegation, the mere suggestion that someone has been acting in a sexually aggressive way or has harassed someone at work is enough to get you fired, is enough to get you thrown out of college, is enough to essentially ruin your future and it’s very unfortunate but it’s very real. … The reality is, for a very long time it was frowned upon to make allegations or to make a statement that someone in the workplace had sexually harassed you or assaulted you. So we’re certainly not talking about that. What we are talking about is the fact that it’s become a career killer. And for every Matt Lauer, for every Aziz Ansari that you read about in the newspaper or see on the news, there’s a mid-level management guy who is facing allegations and the company that he works for is so terrified of the backlash of the “Me Too” movement, that they’re afraid to even investigate. So you’re out. That’s it.

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