Miltenberg: “Kicker Boermeester suing USC over expulsion,” ESPN


Former USC kicker Matt Boermeester has filed a lawsuit in United States District Court, alleging the school ruined both his academic and athletic careers when he was expelled from the university after a “third-party, non-witness filed a false report” about a supposed altercation between him and his girlfriend in early 2017. … “USC stands by its investigation and the evidence in the Matthew Boermeester case,” the university said in a statement Friday. “In a similar lawsuit Boermeester filed in state court, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge in March 2018 ruled in USC’s favor, upholding his expulsion.” … On Thursday, Title IX due process attorney Andrew T. Miltenberg issued his own statement. “What happened to Matt Boermeester at USC should terrify anyone who believes in the right to due process and innocent-until-proven-guilty,” Miltenberg said. “Based on nothing more than a third-party report by a non-witness — essentially a rumor that was easily and repeatedly disputed — a star athlete lost his education and his future career in the NFL. By subscribing to anti-male stereotypes and insisting that the girlfriend of a football player must somehow be a victim, [Means] and USC officials have made a complete mockery of the Title IX process. The process my client was forced to endure and the end result was nothing less than abusive.”

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