Miltenberg: Interview on The Ross Kaminsky Show, TalkRadio 630KHow


“What’s happening all across the country has created a new class of victims, and that is young men across the country at colleges and universities are being accused of sexual misconduct and sexual assault and are being expelled and branded a sexual offender without even the most simple due process.” Andrew Miltenberg opens by defining what it is, exactly, that he’s been fighting against, and this current case is the epitome. Keith Mumphrey, football star at Michigan State who went on to play in the NFL, had his life come spiraling down after Michigan State re-opened an investigation on a matter in which Mumphrey had been deemed not responsible two separate times. “I think the timing is very suspect. Keith was found not responsible after a full investigation, gets drafted, goes off to 2 years in the NFL. While he was in the NFL this entire Nassar fiasco, this debacle, ensues. In the midst of this the school, at the young lady’s request, re-opens this now closed investigation, and they re-hear the case and now find him responsible on the same evidence that they found him not responsible for the first time. The only difference being is that they sent this notice to a defunct college email address and he didn’t appear on his own behalf.”

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