Miltenberg: Interview with Kerry Picket on The David Webb Show, SirusXM Patriot 125


The story: This is an awful situation. This was a young man who was well on his way to a lucrative career in the NFL after graduating from Michigan State, when all of the sudden his life starts spiraling out of control when a sexual assault allegation that the school previously cleared him off came back to haunt him repeatedly. This is beyond a cautionary tale. This is nothing short of tragic. You have this young man who overcame tremendous challenges and odds growing up in a really deep rural South. Makes his way out of the town, one of the first people to do so. Gets recruited by a number of schools. Ends up becoming a football star at Michigan State. Ends up going on to have two good years with the Houston Texans, and the school unbeknownst to him reopens a complaint against him, and in abstention finds him responsible for something that he had previously been cleared on. Something for which the local police declined to prosecute. And from that moment forward, his life has completely had the bottom fallen out.

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