Miltenberg: “Former NFL Player Sues Michigan State Over Expulsion,” Fox News


Ex-NFL and former Michigan State football star Keith Mumphery is in the fight of his life. He has just filed a lawsuit against his college; the former Texan’s wide receiver was cut from the team two days after the Detroit Free Press broke this story. He was never charged with any crime. Does he have a case? His lawyer Andrew Miltenberg says “Absolutely, I think the NFL should welcome him back and give him an opportunity. He’s been the subject and victim of a terrible injustice. He’s overcome such tremendous hardship and such terrific odds in his life to make it to the pinnacle of his dreams all to have it ripped away, years after he’s left the school, by allegations that he was found not responsible for previously.”

“What I don’t want to lose sight of is that after you read this entire narrative you understand that Michigan State after years of ignoring tremendous problems with Larry Nassar – in the midst of that – turns around and, we believe, makes Keith Mumphrey the poster child for how hard they’re going to now go after this issue.”

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