Miltenberg: “Fired Wheaton College Chaplain Says Reasons Given for His Dismissal Are False. School Releases Further Details of Allegations,” Chicago Tribune


Wheaton College’s now-former chaplain is vigorously disputing the college’s reasons for recently dismissing him and labeling as false the college’s assertion that he had made “inappropriate comments and actions of a racial and sexual nature.” In an exclusive interview with the Tribune, Tim Blackmon on Thursday not only took issue with the college’s statement this week of specific allegations against him, but also objected to the college’s statement that “he did not dispute that he said or did any of these things.” “I have categorically denied (these allegations) from the beginning, because they are a complete misconstrual of the comments,” Blackmon said. At issue are the reasons for which Blackmon was dismissed from his role as chaplain in April, and an unsuccessful appeal process concluded on May 26. This week, however, Blackmon issued a statement through his attorneys alleging that “several of my comments have been taken completely out of their factual and in some cases, religious context.” “There were no allegations of flirtation, inappropriate relationships, sexual misconduct or any sexual action towards anyone,” Blackmon said in his statement. “At no time did anyone, either the complainant or any witness, communicate offense or misconduct.” … Blackmon’s attorney, Andrew Miltenberg, said Blackmon “never harassed anyone.” Miltenberg criticized Wheaton College for “publicly smearing and defaming” Blackmon’s reputation “merely because he does not fall in line with whatever principles they think he has run afoul of.” He added that while “it’s not Tim’s preference” to sue Wheaton, he believes Blackmon has a strong case.