Miltenberg: “Ex-Ole Miss Student Files Lawsuit Against University Over Sexual Misconduct Allegation,” Clarion Ledger


“It’s become the ultimate punishment: Title IX has become a verb on campuses. I hear a lot of young men come to me and tell me that girls threaten them with being ‘Title IX’ed’ . I think it’s very damaging. Unfortunately, with two drunk people and often times, or at least one person who is inebriated and very little direct evidence and no direct witnesses, it’s hard to determine who is at fault, if either person. So a lot of these cases fall into, unfortunately, a gray area where no one is necessarily at fault, but no one is necessarily innocent either and I think that’s problematic. Schools are doing a very poor job of investigating these things. They’re doing a very poor job of resolving these things. And they’re not taking into consideration real life factors like: 19 and 20 year old kids on a college campus may not have the best judgement after a night of drinking and may engage in something playfully or consensually that ends uncomfortably that isn’t necessarily what people on the street would consider sexual assault but on campus can have life altering ramifications.”

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