Miltenberg: “Columbia University settles Title IX lawsuit with former student involving ‘mattress girl’ case,” The Washington Post


The lawsuit stemmed from what Nungesser described as gender discrimination on the part of the university after Emma Sulkowicz became known as the “mattress girl,” in what she called an artistic rendering of her dismay with the administration’s handling of her allegations. Sulkowicz claimed that Nungesser, a classmate, had raped her during her sophomore year in 2012. But after a university investigation, Nungesser was cleared. “Together with Paul and his parents, we have fought for three long years,” said Andrew Miltenberg, a New York lawyer who frequently handles Title IX cases. “It gives Paul a chance to go on with his life and recover from the false accusation against him. We hope that the resolution of the case also ensures that no student will ever have to endure what Paul went through after he was exonerated.”

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