Miltenberg: “For College Students Accused of Assault, ‘Ramifications Are Real’,” The Detroit News


Last month, former Michigan State University football player Keith Mumphery sued the school, claiming officials expelled him after a false sex assault report, halting his NFL career. His New York-based lawyer, Andrew Miltenberg, has defended many other students in such cases and estimates “over the last three or four years, we’ve commenced over 50 around the country. … It is a real issue. I get somewhere from eight to 10 calls a week from students who feel that they’ve been punished or sanctioned. They feel that there has been significant lack of due process in the policy or procedure that their particular institution has followed.” While adhering to federal guidance, Miltenberg said, “the policies are the majority of universities and colleges are not well developed to address this issue. The procedures are not well developed and I think universities are particularly ill-equipped to handle these types of cases right now. It’s a little bit of a perfect storm.” When it comes to such situations, “the ramifications are real,” Miltenberg said. “The taint of a suspension, or worse an expulsion, on your academic record … is really enough to alter the course of someone’s life.”

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