Miltenberg: “Betsy DeVos is Harming Sexual Assault Victims by Changing Title IX Guidance, Advocates Say,” Newsweek


Advocates for the accused are saying otherwise… “I think it’s a very positive sign,” says Andrew Miltenberg, a lawyer who by his count has represented more than 150 accused students. “I think that Secretary DeVos spoke in a very measured, deliberate manner about the need for real protections for people accused in sexual assault on campus, and spoke at the time of the need to maintain an environment on campus that doesn’t encourage it and stops sexual assault dead in its tracks.” But DeVos will have to go further, according to Miltenberg. “I think this is a great start, but I think that you’re not going to simply be able to legislate this away…. Until there is a change not only at the policy and legislative level, but a change in the experience, professionalism and attitudes of the people tasked with the campus investigations and the hearings, this is only a partial remedy.”

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