Miltenberg: “Andrew Miltenberg | The Rich Zeoli Show” CBS Philly


Andrew Miltenberg: A composite of egregious cases is easy to put together because there are so many. They range from investigations that are completely one sided, in which the investigator conveniently leaves out whole portions of the respondents narrative, to interviewing only the complainants witnesses, to not allowing a respondent the right to cross examine any of the witnesses, to not allowing the respondent a right to see any of the evidence before the hearing. … You can still protect women and victims of sexual assault and have a process which allows for fair and open opportunity for someone to defend themselves. They’re not mutually exclusive. And right now if you are accused of sexual assault on a college campus you are virtually assured that you’re going to be found responsible or you’re not going to have a full and fair opportunity to defend yourself. That’s just the reality today and it doesn’t have to be something that makes all of the other protections the constitution provides fall apart but that’s how victims advocates are painting it. … You’d be very disappointed to see how the constitution is literally being shredded on college campuses.

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