Miltenberg: “An Unfortunate ‘Perfect Storm,'” Boston College Law Magazine


The Rappaport Center for Law and Public Policy convened a panel at BC Law on February 28 to discuss the impact of [Title IX] on institutional disciplinary processes regarding sexual assault. … Miltenberg contributed insight into the devastating impact that an inadequate system can have on the lives of all parties involved. He described this moment in time as a “perfect storm,” with “a groundswell of people making complaints, a vague process that is not easy to navigate and not well-staffed, and universities with an undefined role.” … Sensitivity to students’ age and emotional well-being are major factors in how sexual assault cases are handled, Miltenberg added. Many students, he noted, “don’t have the maturity to navigate complex emotional issues, and that aspect of the tumult that you see is significant.” … The panelists discussed other issues at play, among them longstanding cultural factors like alcohol abuse—“if you took alcohol out of the equation, three-quarters of cases would disappear,” Miltenberg said—and newly emerging factors like social media and the #MeToo movement.

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