Miltenberg: “The North Jersey lawyer at the center of the campus rape debate,” North Jersey News


Miltenberg has emerged as one of America’s go-to lawyers for male college students accused of assaulting women on campuses. It’s a role that has placed him at the vortex of a raging national debate over how to curtail a sharp increase in reports of sexual violence against women at America’s colleges in recent years. “My phone,” he said, “rings off the hook.” … Miltenberg sees himself as more than just a lawyer, but rather an outspoken reformer who claims that many men who are accused of sex crimes find themselves expelled from college and barred from other schools or sensitive jobs in the military, government or law enforcement. He says he is juggling dozens of cases, some of them involving the nation’s most prestigious — and expensive — colleges. “Colleges not only make policy, they make law,” said Miltenberg, 52, who is married and the father of a 9-year-old daughter and another daughter and son away at college. “They enforce it. They interpret it. They carry out the sentence. You’ve got people in place who are acting like the Gestapo,” he added. “They’re acting almost with complete impunity, with a near religious fervor.”

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