Miltenberg: “Univ of Colorado Sued by Former Student Over Sexual Harassment Procedures,” The Ross Kaminsky Show


“This current [Colorado University] case which we had to start was really an abomination and, you know, very big in the debate that is going on in the country is whether or not universities should be handling sexual assault investigations and making determinations. There’s a system that we have in place for that and that’s the law enforcement system. … There were allegations that went back almost two years before the complaint was made and ultimately he was acquitted by a jury in less then several hours. … The University had all of the same evidence that the jury used to acquit him so quickly and yet found him responsible and essentially threw him out of school. … CU was under investigation by the United States Department of Education for failing to properly handle female complaints. … One of the problems at CU in particular is that you have people in the investigative office and people who are making these determinations who have a very vested background in women’s rights and sexual assault victims’ advocacy. That’s certainly important work, but I question whether those are the people who should be doing objective, neutral evaluations.”

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