Miltenberg: “Former USC Star Kicker Matthew Boermeester Kicks off Compelling New Federal Lawsuit,” Title IX For All


This cannot be overstated: Andrew Miltenberg and Mark Hathaway are both working with Boermeester. They are top-tier Title IX / due process attorneys with a long record of success and experience. … USC continues to make a name for itself, in no small part due to the actions of Title IX Coordinator Gretchen Dahlinger Means and the determination of plaintiffs like former student Matthew Boermeester. By all appearances, Boermeester – like many former USC students – has been railroaded out of school in an administrative process that sounds like something out of an Orwell or Kafka novel. He has been fighting a legal battle against USC in state courts since 2017, and yesterday he filed a new suit in federal court, California Central District. … Matthew Boermeester is a name familiar to the due process movement and sports fans. … In January 2017, however, he found himself accused of dating violence against his girlfriend and fellow student Zoe Katz. Katz was not his accuser, however. … The accusation was fourth-degree hearsay that came from the father of another student … USC took the accusation very seriously, and Boermeester – despite both him and Katz appealing the school’s decision – was expelled.

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