Miltenberg: “Colleges Stick With Obama-Era Title IX Guidance,” The Weekly Standard


Nearly a year since DeVos rescinded the controversial campus rape regulation, nothing’s changed. …Prominent Title IX consultants and attorneys have long predicted the resistance to change that the survey reveals, however. “That’s what I’ve been saying all along,” said Title IX attorney Andrew Miltenberg, who defended the accused Columbia student in activist Emma Sulkowicz’s now infamous case, when I asked about the survey. (It’s true: he has.) “I think this is an issue that we’re not going to be able to legislate away.” … The path toward greater transparency won’t be political or legislative, he said: A mandatory reform enforced by administrative diktat would lead to a revolt. Hoping for integral improvements, school by school, are the optimist’s only option. … Whatever comes from DeVos’s Education Department after the eventual notice-and-comment period will probably have some sort of an impact, “On some institutions,” he said. “But do I think the day after the new [Dear Colleague Letter] is issued, things will change? I do not.”

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