Davis, Miltenberg: Outside Firms See Boston As Market of Opportunity


A recent wave of entrants to the Boston legal market underscores that outside firms large and small are finding the client-rich environment irresistible and are undaunted by the challenge of competing with the city’s established firms. The New York City firm Nesenoff & Miltenberg announced the opening of a Boston office in April. The 15-attorney firm generally does business litigation, but the new office at least for now specializes in Title IX due process litigation, representing students accused of sexual misconduct. Founding partner Andrew T. Miltenberg says the fact that there are more than 40 colleges and universities within a short drive of Boston made it a natural location for an office, which is currently staffed with one resident Title IX attorney, Tara J. Davis. “We had started to get a lot more work and spending a lot of time up there,” Miltenberg says from his New York City office. “It became logistically attractive for us to have an office there.” While Miltenberg acknowledges that Boston has its own experts in the field of Title IX litigation, he is confident that there is enough work to justify the new office. “We’ve developed a specialty in this area, we’re good at it, and we’ve developed a reputation,” he says. “It’s a natural fit.”

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