Miltenberg: “Student Groups Must Consider Due Process in Sexual Misconduct Policies,” Medium


On college campuses across the country, there has emerged a trend of student activists taking the issue of prosecuting sexual assault into their own hands. It is dangerous when rule of law is bypassed for vigilante justice as we saw on January 6th. As important civic institutions, colleges must ensure due process for all students involved. Not doing so will destroy the reputations of those who otherwise might be innocent. For instance, at Tulane University, a controversial Instagram account @boysbeware.tulane, was created to publicly report unverified alleged sexual assaulters to the student body. At Syracuse University, students have provided the administration with a six-page list of demands on how to handle sexual misconduct matters. Indeed, many colleges and universities have turned a blind eye for far too long to sexual misconduct on their campuses. However, as these well-meaning movements grow and gain momentum, we have also seen a disturbing trend of intermingling reasonable calls for thoughtful reform, with unabashed, anti-democratic demands, usually in the form of expecting all those accused of misconduct be punished, even in some cases specifying the punishments against individuals, often based on little more than rumor, gossip, and speculation.

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