Miltenberg, Gorycki: “TITLE IX Lawsuit Against Grinnell College Moves Forward to Trial in September”


Judge Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger, of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa, allowed our client to proceed to trial on his Title IX and breach of contract claims in a case against Grinnell College. Moe v. Grinnell Coll., No. 4:20-cv-00058 (S. D. Iowa Aug. 23, 2021). Andrew Miltenberg and Kara Gorycki represent the plaintiff “Peter Moe.” Judge Ebinger allowed the Title IX claim to go forward because there were “notable differences” between the manner in which the College’s adjudicator decided Moe’s case versus a similar case against a female student. Judge Ebinger held that “a reasonable jury could determine the adjudicator’s inferences as to Moe were based on stereotypes about male sexual intent.” She further held that evidence of procedural deficiencies “buttressed” the conclusion that a reasonable jury could find that sex discrimination occurred.

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