Miltenberg: “Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Dickinson College Over Sexual Assault Case Mismanagement,” abc27 News


A federal lawsuit was filed Tuesday against Dickinson College. The lawsuit alleges that the College is destroying sexual assault evidence and is ignoring reporting requirements. The suit was filed by Rose McAvoy, who led a Title IX protest at the College in February when hundreds of students occupied the Holland Union Building demanding changes to the College’s Title IX policies. McAvoy is now represented by Andrew Miltenberg, one of the nation’s leading Title IX attorneys. Dickinson’s administration signed an agreement with protest leaders after four days of peaceful protest. The agreement stated the College would make 18 changes to the College’s Title IX process. McAvoy said she filed this lawsuit because the College has not lived up to their agreement. The lawsuit states that Dickinson continues to destroy evidence during Title IX proceedings. Interview recordings that are conducted during these investigations are being destroyed before the investigation has concluded. The lawsuit also states that Dickinson did not list McAvoy’s case in their annual report to the Federal government on sexual assaults and rapes on campus in the year when she was attacked. School officials assured her they would amend the report during the protests, but the College edited their report to avoid accountability for its omission. “The administration continues to demonstrate a lack of commitment to a safe environment for the Dickinson community. I hope my lawsuit forces Dickinson to recognize its mistakes, begin following the law, and their own commitment to the students they are supposed to serve.” McAvoy says in the lawsuit. Dickinson’s Title IX Policies and Procedures state that all sexual assault cases should be completed within 60 days. McAvoy’s case took seven months to complete. “Because of Dickinson’s deliberate delays and willful inaction, Ms. McAvoy’s attacker was able to hurt at least two other students on campus after she reported the sexual assault,” said Miltenberg, McAvoy’s attorney.

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