Miltenberg: “Defending the accused, law firms specialize in campus sexual assault,” The Boston Globe


Andrew Miltenberg, a founding partner at Nesenoff & Miltenberg and a man once described by Newsweek as a “go-to lawyer for male respondents in sexual assault cases,” first became acquainted with the issue a few years ago, when he took a call about a sexual assault case at Vassar College. To that point, Miltenberg’s 20-plus-year legal career had been largely devoted to partnership disputes and business litigation. But as he began looking into the school’s handling of the case in question — as well as the processes by which schools investigate accusations of sexual assault or misconduct in the post-“Dear Colleague” era — he grew increasingly unsettled. … “In all these cases, you’ve got a school that’s under a tremendous governmental and public pressure to aggressively deal with these cases and hand out findings of responsibility,” says Miltenberg. “And I think for the most part, colleges have begun to have almost a preordained result — which is usually a finding against the accused.”

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