Miltenberg: “Campus sex assault victims in Colorado worry DeVos policy changes will impede reporting,” The Denver Post


New York attorney Andrew Miltenberg, who specializes in defending accused students across the country, believes most colleges and universities will ratchet up sexual assault investigations and punishments because officials don’t want to be seen as lenient toward sex crimes on campus. “I think they are planting a flag that they will stick with the Obama-era guidance,” Miltenberg said. Miltenberg has handled at least eight sex crime cases over the past three years in Colorado. … Miltenberg said most investigators are trained to be “victim-centric.” “If a young man is poised and measured he’s lying,” he said. “If he is confused and scattered then you’ve caught him.” Nearly all of his cases, he said, involve misunderstandings after one-night stands. “The caricature of a rapist pushing his way into a dorm room, I’m just not seeing that,” Miltenberg said.

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