Miltenberg: “19 More Women Accuse Northwestern Professor of Sexual Harrassment, bullying,” Chicago Sun Times


Nineteen additional women have accused Northwestern Professor Alec Klein of sexual harassment and bullying under his leadership of the school’s acclaimed investigative journalism program, bringing the number of women alleging misconduct up to 29. … Klein’s attorney Andrew Miltenberg released a statement slamming the latest round of accusations. Miltenberg called the nationwide #MeToo movement of sexual harassment victims speaking out “undoubtedly important,” but he said it has become “judge, jury and executioner” for Klein.  “Shame on these individuals for publicly trying to destroy Prof. Klein’s life and that of his family, and denying him the due process that is a fundamental principle of this country,” Miltenberg said. “Through innuendo, implication, conflated half-truths and even some outright lies, a group of individuals at Northwestern University continue their wholesale butchery of the life of Prof. Alec Klein.” … “These individuals continue to publicize outrageous and slanderous statements knowing that Professor Klein has — and will — maintain his silence so as to respect the Northwestern University investigative process. Clearly, these individuals are intent on destroying Prof. Klein publicly, so that regardless of his innocence, he is ruined,” Miltenberg said.

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