Miltenberg: “The Weaponization of the MeToo Movement: America’s Due Process Crisis,” Medium


When it comes to the issue of sexual assault allegations, there has been an erosion of due process in our country that is destroying lives and ruining careers of innocent men and women. Witness the recent uncorroborated, third-party allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as reported in The New York Times which prompted a flurry of 2020 Democratic presidential nominees to call for the Supreme Court Justice’s impeachment. … One day after the story was published, The New York Times made a striking revision to the story — the alleged victim, Harmon Joyce, said she did not recall the sexual assault in question at all. …  The right to due process should not be a partisan issue, yet there is a double standard where sexual assault allegations are concerned. As someone who represents clients who have been deeply wronged by the system — including those who have been sexually assaulted and those who have been wrongly accused of sexual assault — I have seen firsthand how differently the media treats individuals of varying races, political parties, and sexual orientation. … [The] weaponization of the MeToo movement, coupled with the complete erosion of due process, is destroying the lives of good men on a daily basis. I’ve seen it in politics, and I see it in the work I do on college campuses in Title IX sexual misconduct cases. If the MeToo movement continues to be used as a blunt weapon, it will no longer serve the true purpose for which it was intended — to help real victims.

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